The goal of the Frontiers network of excellence is to build capacity to do excellent research by combining expertise of its members.

Another goal of network is to stimualte innovations stemming from its research into products for the benefit to society. With this second goal in mind, the Frontiers Technology Assessment Programme has been set up to undertake research and actively support the mechanisms of stimulating technological innovations for the benefit of society. Thus there are two streams of overlapping work:

  • How can Frontiers bridge the divide between its research with industry and user/consumers?
  • How can Frontiers maximise the benefit to society of technolgoies stemming from its research? How can the link between research and society be made in the most desirable way? How can it stay reflexive of environmental, societal and ethical aspects whilst still developing applications suitable for markets?

These are general challenges for any technology, but the promise of the pervasiveness of nanotechnology means there is a repsonsibility to contribute to the most desirable use of the results of Frontiers research.

The Frontiers Technology Assessment Programme will run a number of projects, comprising workshops and studies to attempt to find processes for handling the two general questions outlined above. (what is Technology Assessment? - see menu bar)

Frontier NoE believes that excellent research can be linked with societally robust applications by creative management with all stakeholders concern. As stated int he Frontiers mission statement: creating a climate to stimulate responsible innovation adds another layer of relevance to our research.

For more information click on the icons below or navigate through our website. Work is ognoing and so there will be regular updates.

The Technology Assessment Team




Bridging the Sci/Industry/Society interface for cell-on-a-chip platforms
Vision assessment in Molecular machines

Drug delivery and innovation

Responsible Research adn Innovation Towards A "Best Nano Practice"
Upstream Technology Assessment for Bio-Interface Technologies